2023 Mid-America Organic Conference

Thank you for another incredible conference, we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2024!

Year after year our programming team brings together nationally recognized speakers to cover a wide array of topics to educate and inspire attendees. This year was no different! Conference sessions were assembled to speak to all growers, grazers, homesteaders, urban gardeners, landscapers, and value added processors of all experience levels.

2023 Conference Sessions

2023 Wrap Up Post


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

2023 Tradeshow Vendors

Big Yield.US


Frommelt Ag

Kindway Farms

Lincoln University

Missouri Center

Missouri Grown

Moberly Natural Crush

MPR Supply Company

River Hills Harvest

Rodale Institute

Ocooch Mountain Elderberry

TH Fabrication

University of Missouri - Center for Regenerative Agriculture

USDA Farm Services Administration