Become a MOA Member!

As a member of Missouri Organic Association, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your membership supports the mission and work of MOA. Our legal standing is “membership organization,” which means we hold an annual meeting, and we have a Board of Directors comprised of members. You vote for the Board, and you are eligible to be a Board Member. We hold this meeting at our annual conference.

Your membership supports our educational programming for ‘growers and grazers’ of every size and kind, teaching them how to use organic and regenerative methods, helping them:
   ▸ Create a clean, healthy and nutritious food supply
   ▸ Grow plants and animals on living soil
   ▸ Supply food with more nutritional value
   ▸ Contribute to keeping water clean
   ▸ Improve air quality
   ▸ Maintain agricultural land in agricultural use
   ▸ Create sustainable and financially viable farms
   ▸ Contribute to enhanced rural lifestyles and livelihoods,

What does your membership money do?

   ▸ Helps support staffing
   ▸ Provides matching funds for grants
   ▸ Helps provide programs
   ▸ Supports our building and operating budgets

What do you get for your membership?

MOA is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. There are few incentives we can offer that do not create waste, or increase the amount of stuff you have to deal with in your lives. Therefore, for now, our only incentive is the great feeling you’ll have for supporting this worthwhile organization and its work, and our gratitude. AND, reduced rates to our conference and educational programs, as well as the opportunity to become part of an active, dedicated group of people. Come to our Monthly Potlucks, take a volunteer position. Join the MOA Team!

How MOA is making a difference... 

In 2022, even with a slow start due to periods of heightened Covid-19 outbreaks, MOA hosted nine community potlucks with programs and with an average attendance of 30 each time. We also provided four day-long workshops that served over 200 people, as well as put on our annual conference that engaged over 120 participants, despite the freezing rain event. This volume of activity is not possible without the support of our members and volunteers.

Thank You for Supporting the Missouri Organic Association!

Membership Levels

Click Here for a Printable PDF of our Membership Form and mail it to the MOA office with a check to:

Missouri Organic Association
PO Box 70
Hartsburg, MO 65039