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October 12, 2017
Volunteer Positions Filled
Volunteer Positions Filled for 2018 MOA Conference
January 9, 2018

Volunteer Positions Now Open for the 2018 MOA Conference!

Volunteer Positions Now Open

Each year, MOA has a limited number of conference volunteer positions available if you are willing to work at the conference. In exchange for your six hours of service, you will receive a full three-day conference registration fee free! To register for volunteering, please email


  1. Jessica thompson says:

    I volenteer every year and are looking forward to this year if i can thanks . I can work Friday and Saturday only

    • Lindsey Jones says:

      Hi Jessica, Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering still. We have had a couple spots open up!

  2. Susan and Danielle Lucas says:

    My daughter and I would love to be volunteers at this year’s 2018 MOA conference. We can come on any day. We are very excited to be attending for the first time. Thank you!

  3. Are volunteers still needed?

    • Lindsey Jones says:

      HI John,
      Are you still interested in volunteering? We have had a couple people drop from the list. Please email me at at Thanks!!

  4. Kurt Wilkens says:

    Hello, I am willing to volunteer 6 hours and attend 3 day MOA conference free. Let me know. Thanks. Sincerely, Kurt Wilkens

    • Lindsey Jones says:

      Hi Kurt,
      If you are interested in volunteering still please contact me! We have had a few people drop. Thank you!

  5. Mary West says:

    Do you still need volunteers?

    • Lindsey Jones says:

      Hi Mary,
      Are you still interested in Volunteering? We have had a few people unable to make it. Let me know asap if you can!! We would love to have you! Thanks!!

  6. Mary West says:

    Do you still need volunteers? I could do six hours. Would love to attend!

  7. Would love to be able go attend the conference this year. We have an urban farm right in the heart of Independence. This is our 4th growing season and we are ready to learn and grow our farm even more. My son, Blake and I would lovd to bd able to attend by volunteering for 6 hours each.

  8. Eric hopkins says:

    Hello i have volunteered for the moa fors the last 3 years. I would love to volunteer for all 3 days.n

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