About the Missouri Organic Association

Missouri Organic Association (MOA) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1993 by the organic farming community of Missouri. From its beginning, MOA has dedicated itself to holding an annual organic conference for its members and the farmers/producers of all organic agriculture-related production.

Who We Serve

Farmers, business owners, and consumers with an interest in organic and sustainable agriculture.

What We Do

Promote and share knowledge of organic and sustainable farming.

How We Make it Happen

Through social media, workshops, newsletters, and our annual conference.

The Annual Mid-America Organic Association Conference

Each year MOA hosts an annual conference focused on creating a sustainable food system and supporting those who are working to achieve that same goal. Our conference is held every year around the last weekend of January. Keep an eye out on here and social media for when the new dates are released!

Our Goals

To support solution-based philosophies of biological and organic growing practices, to help promote the health of our planet and our families and to support diversity in our independent food sources.

If you believe organic and sustainable agriculture is important to the health of our families, our soils, and ultimately our planet...

Become a member today and help the MOA in its mission: "To Inspire, Support and Empower through ecological organic principles."


MOA Staff


2022 MOA Board of Directors

Dan Keubler, Missouri Organic Association Board

Dan Kuebler

Board President
Terry Durham, Missouri Organic Association Board

Terry Durham

Board Vice President

Lindsey Jones

Board Treasurer
Christine Williams, Missouri Organic Association Board

Christine Williams

Board Secretary

Mark Hudson

Board Member

Nadia Navarrete-Tindall

Board Member

Nick Schlotzhauer

Board Member

David Yoder

Board Member

Chris Henley

Board Member

Summer Jensen

Board Member